Objections – Yes, but ….

People can say, “We are free in Christ,” but you may not know that freedom. Do you think that some Bible passages contradict freedom?


One thought on “Objections – Yes, but ….

  1. Some may have particular passages in mind that appear to contradict freedom in Christ. Of course, Romans 7 is the most significant. Is Paul describing his current life in Christ? Does the present tense confuse you? Galatians 5 is another, where it seems the flesh and spirit war simultaneously in us. Some consider 1 John 1:8 a game-ender on liberty. Will we always have sin and therefore always sin? And there’s James 1:14, especially as worded in the NIV. Is evil desire in me? Bring up any troublesome verses you find.

    To these I’ve mentioned, God demonstrates through the authors, in the black and white of scripture before our eyes, what we may not have seen or considered. Liberty is not in question at all. Do you see why?

    What are some good questions?

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