The Missing Link in the Church

Relationship is the missing link in a life of external law.

We don’t need more highly refined parameters of knowledge or 3, 5 or x points in a sermon. It’s not do-it-yourself, how-to messages nor books by which we measure ourselves and others.

An example is what a lady said about her son’s response to a suggestive glance from a girl. He said, “The male in me is attracted to her, but the man in me isn’t.”

Though we feel good at the content of his statement [and other true statements about God], it doesn’t speak to relationship with Him. The son didn’t say, “Yes, God told me to bless her and to share His self-control.”

That’s the real answer.
The message for the church is God Himself Who wants a relationship with you.

We extend invitations to everyone we meet, to know Him Who loves us.

We don’t throw unwanted or unnecessary explanations around. We tell people about our God Whom we intimately know and how He’s changed our lives.

Hot dogs sounded good for lunch yesterday, and I did the whole outside, grill ’em thing. As I was carrying things out, the thought came, “Invite God to lunch.” [He’s already in me, but] I did. I wanted to explicitly include Him as my Companion. Told Him how good the hot-dogs tasted, how nice it was outside, how thankful for life and to know Him. How I terribly needed Him. How I needed to know what He wanted to say and do through me. That on my own [in thought, not reality], I didn’t have a chance or a clue.

Instead of rarely thinking of an intensely personal Him, ask Him to make Himself the air you breathe, the water you drink, the steps you take. You cannot live without Him.

Make Him your everything.

God wants you!

“He intensely craves the spirit that He made to dwell in you.” James 4:5

Will you let Him have you?


2 thoughts on “The Missing Link in the Church

  1. I guess it all gets back to “its all about Him”…………When we lose sight of that then we are doomed. It is a tragic epitaph on humanity that unless there is terrible stife, or pandemic or great death we don’t focus on the true God of Salvation. We somehow become the god and concentrate on ourselves and what “we want.” When we leave God out of our lives and don’t make Him the main focus, we doom ourselves, but believing that and knowing that and living that on a daily basis is very hard without a constant challenge. Are we our worst enemy?


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