For Easter

He looked at me.

I saw Him at a distance, and He looked at me.

Not a drink or bite, without respite.

He trudged through a day far past, and looked at me.

When I checked the box, felt embarrassed, went through the motions, took Him for granted, mistreated another, languished in sin, buried the talent, slept when needed, fled and hid, denied Him, kept silent before others, feared for my life, He looked at me.

I could but watch from the distance as He labored the hill, a bloody mess.

A task for no other.

The shaking and the gloom an exclamation to total loss.

Shut away to be forgotten.

It was over.


Trickling in together, we were stricken.

It had been thrown away, discarded, as a bad joke.

Losers all.


Rolled away to be ever remembered.

Hearing the impossible.

Appearing before me.

He smiled.

He looked at me and clasped me to Himself our hot tears mingling.

He ever lives to be my unstoppable life, inside and out.

I never tire of His delightedly looking at me.


One thought on “For Easter

  1. Brother, that is heart shaking. I’m very moved.Thanks for that encouragement! I needed it very much….. Blessings, Eric

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