Don’t Push Them Away.

Ever resist or reject love?

Think …

  • how often a good parent caresses a newborn. Endlessly.
  • how often a good parent hugs, kisses, calms, and comforts the beloved little ones.
  • how often a good parent gives affection, affirmation, and attention.

Can you number the times?

How much more do the Father, Son, and Spirit love you?

A drunken son pushed away his mother’s efforts to love him. When he was asleep at night, she would then embrace him. Her husband asked, “Why are you doing that?” She said, “Because he won’t let me when he’s awake.”

The Godhead in you is always loving you. Don’t push the Father, Son, and Spirit away.


One thought on “Don’t Push Them Away.

  1. Like most things in life that are of true value, we must do one or all of the following: accept, believe, know, understand, seek, have confidence, trust, etcetera before we fully experience the importance of something of value. If we don’t go through the process of understanding the value of something, then the valuable thing is wasted. I believe this is one of the most important errors of the contemporary church. The teaching of the value of the Trinity and how it works in us has been lost and exchanged for entertainment and outside distractions. To meditate on the Trinity and understand the saving effort of God is paramount to the true believer. By knowing this, the believer can live his or her life in knowledge, confidence, trust and understanding the God of Salvation. The result is a Transformed life….


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