God and America on D-Day, June 6, 1944

President Roosevelt’s prayer:


President Ronald Reagan spoke on June 6, 1984, the 40th anniversary of D-Day:

Watch and listen from minutes 5:00 – 8:00.


Now, we have a new battle.

Fight the good fight in Him.


One thought on “God and America on D-Day, June 6, 1944

  1. As I am slowly resuming my customary habit of reading, meditating, musing over a book and/or scripture, I recalled my conversation of the previous night with my son, Patrick.

    Among many topics discussed, a particular one stood out. …the topic of faith. …biblical faith that is grounded in Truth….

    I awoke early his morning with the desire to ponder more on what the Bible says about faith.

    J.I. Packer’s book “18 Words” overflowing with scripture references provided a great review of what the nature of faith is….and is not.

    I quote: “An attitude of trust divorced from any corresponding object of trust is not faith in the Bible’s sense of the word.” (pg. 126)

    I coninued my reading of what the Christian concept of faith is and that The Reformers made a clear distinction by pointing out and also insisting ….”that faith is not just fides (credence) but, rather, fiducia (confident trust).”

    After hearing President Ronald Reagan’s speech a couple of times, I saw faith in action. It brought to memory the many times I had exercised faith. .. faith that had God as my object of my prayer or petition….directed to Him.

    I am thankful that God is the Source of this faith. …His gift to us…..to me.

    I can only surmise that the focus on the subject of faith is God desiring that I recall the numerous times that His help was experienced in my own life in the past…. especially at this time of grief. This recalling will surely lead to increase strength, vitality and endurance for the life of faith not only in the present time but in the days ahead.

    Again, what a timely message that reinforces my faith in Him.

    Thank you.



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