The Big Picture – Many Dead in Orlando, 6/12/2016

Many were murdered early this morning. Lord, comfort those directly affected. Comfort us all.

Freedom in Christ. How?

The ultimate question is, “How can I live as I should?”

There will be an authority of some sort who will ultimately force accountability.

Will this be a loving God, the Father of His Son Jesus the Christ?

Will it be a hateful god [There are no other gods.] ?

Will it be a human court, i.e. The Supreme Court of the United States of America or another?

Will it be the dictum of someone who has seized power?

There will be someone in charge who imposes his/her/their will.

Which authority have you chosen [or defaulted to] ?

True authority is the One Who comes alongside and helps. Impostors deny God and coerce.

There’s only one God Who comes alongside through His Son Jesus.

With Christ as my life, the new creation, I can live as I ought, because He does.

The new creation changes everything.

Nothing else will.


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