No Mixture of the Sinful Nature and the Divine Nature in Mankind

A conflict is exposed when people believe that, in Christ, they still have sinful natures. 

As we have been discussing in previous ‘Spirit and Nature‘ blogs, a nature is a description of its underlying spirit.

Therefore, if we still have sinful natures in Christ, then our sinful spirits would have to be in union with God’s Spirit.

“Those who have joined themselves to the Lord are one spirit.” 1 Corinthians 6:17

It is impossible for a sinful spirit to be in union with His Holy Spirit.

But, haven’t we been taught in Galatians 5:17 that we have both flesh and spirit warring in us?

Yes, we’ve been taught that.

Look more closely.

“For the flesh sets its desire against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh. These are contrary to one another, so that you cannot do the things that you want to do.” (Galatians 5:17)

The word translated contrary means opposite.[i] The flesh (sinful nature) and spirit (divine nature) represent the two rival spirits, Adam or Christ—they cannot and do not co-exist.

Throughout Galatians 5, Paul used the same Greek word for flesh.[ii] Here is the final flesh reference in the chapter: “And they who belong to Christ have crucified the flesh with its affections and lusts.” Galatians 5:24

Since the flesh (which in this verse is the sinful nature due to the affections and lusts), is dead by crucifixion with Christ, a dead thing cannot be in your spirit warring against you.[iii]  The devil can only con you into believing the sinful nature is alive. Do not believe the devil—he is a defeated liar.

All our lives, we’ve been taught or have heard that, in Christ, we still have sinful natures, and that flesh and spirit are mixed.

Scripture repeatedly reveals that no mixing of the Holy and unholy is possible.

Jesus, when accused of casting out demons by the prince of demons, said, “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.”[iv] He distinguished two separate, unmixed kingdoms: Satan’s and the Kingdom of God. He further declared that “the prince of this world … has nothing in Me.”[v] No mixing. Adding to this, righteousness has no fellowship with unrighteousness, light has nothing in common with darkness, Christ has nothing in common with Belial, a believer has nothing in common with an unbeliever, and the temple of God has nothing in common with idols—we are separate from evil.[vi] No one can serve two masters.[vii] We were once darkness, but now we are light.[viii] There is no darkness in Jesus.[ix] The evil one does not touch the one born of God.[x]A fountain cannot send forth both sweet and bitter water, a vine cannot produce figs, and a good tree cannot put forth corrupt fruit.[xi] Greater is He who is in us than the devil that is where? The devil is in the world, not in us.[xii] God’s Spirit and Satan’s spirit cannot be mixed. What is the Spirit of which we partake? Those who are joined to the Lord are one spirit with Him—He cannot be mixed with evil.[xiii] You are not in the flesh, but in the spirit.[xiv] You are the new person in Christ, not the old person of the flesh. Christ crucified us to the world and the world to us.[xv] There is no more common ground between the world and us. We are dead to it, and it is dead to us.

[Extracted from The Cross Divider, pages 15-16]

[i] Thayer’s Lexicon: ἀντίκειμαι antikeimai 1) to be set over against, opposite to   2)  to oppose, be adverse to, withstand.

[ii] Greek σάρξ (sarx)

[iii] See also Rom 6:6-7.

[iv] Matt 12:22-33 ; Luke 11:14-26

[v] John 14:30

[vi] 2 Cor 6:14-18

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[xi] James 3:11-12 ; Luke 6:43

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[xiii] 1 Cor 6:17

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[xv] Gal 6:14


One thought on “No Mixture of the Sinful Nature and the Divine Nature in Mankind

  1. Born with the possibility to choose freely we have to make our own choice to follow Christ, the son of God as the promised Messiah or to keep following man of the world and human doctrines which made Jesus into their god [not sure what you mean, Marcus. That born of God is also God, which Jesus claimed to be as the ‘I Am.’ See the ‘Jesus is God’ document under the Downloads menu.], often also having made images of that god, which is an abomination in God’s eyes.

    With the Savior Christ Jesus, the curse of death has come to an end, but now each individual has to make sure he or she makes the right choice and believes in Christ and in Christ his heavenly Father.

    Though infected or the virus of the first sinful beings implanted in our genes we can show to the world that God has all given the liberty to choose for or against him and that man is able to follow the Will of God. [not in our physical genes, but in the fallen spirits we inherited through Adam. See two ‘Spirit and Nature’ posts under the Topics menu/Sinful Nature heading. Also, a future post on us being containers will demonstrate this more.]

    Though from nature born in the flesh we have to grow in the spirit, having to become like Christ, being in union with Christ like Jesus is in union with God and like we too should be in union with God. Jesus opened the way to God and made it easier for those who are willing to listen to his teachings and to take the Words of God at heart.


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