I Should Have Been Punished ….

Have you felt that you were exempted punishment that you knew you deserved?

Before I was saved from being a God denier, I was given a little booklet The Living Proverbs from the paraphrased The Living Bible.

I read and reread it and came away with several conclusions:

  • Whatever this life was was true.
  • Whoever this God was was real.
  • I was going to get what I deserved.
  • I had already walked the road to death.
  • I wished I had another chance, but He was right. I’d blown it.

I could only tell this God that I was sorry.

I agreed with His judgment of me and my condemnation to hell when I died.


But, I lived.

He wanted me.

Rescued me.

Loved me.

I received Him.


Though the new life was much better because I was forgiven, I still reeked.

I still deserved to die.

I didn’t think I was qualitatively different.

I was still sorry.

Still felt like a dead man walking.

Still felt like I should be punished.

Certain of His shame and disappointment in me.


Here’s good news, Beloved.

Christ felt the same way about you!

Do you still hate some aspects of who you think you are?

He did too and did what only He could do for you.

He co-crucified you with Him.

Christ tells you this way:

“Know this, that your old person was crucified with Me, that your body of sin might be destroyed and done away with, that from now on you should not serve sin. For you have died with Me and are freed from sin.” Romans 6:6-7

When He died, you died too, in Him.

It’s as if He says to you, “I love you so much, and I knew your old self was killing you. I knew that until I took it out of the way, it would perpetually harm you.”

“So, I dragged it to the cross with Me and ensured that it was nailed with Me.”

“It died the day I died.”

“And, when I rose the third day, your new self rose in Me.”

The old is gone, the new has come.

“Whoever is in Christ is a new creature: old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17


A young lady could not forgive herself. She was told that God had forgiven her-that she should just move on.

She could not.

She deserved to be punished.

She was forgiven.

And, she was punished, thank God.


The old thing needed to die, and it did!

He loved you so much that He made sure it could not haunt you anymore!

Your old self cannot climb down from the cross to pick up where it left off.

It was buried in Him.


Lord Jesus. Thank You for taking this horrid thing away and making me totally new in You!



One thought on “I Should Have Been Punished ….

  1. This is great teaching it is tragic that it is not taught in today’s evangelical churches. As you have mentioned in past blogs, we are a new creature by Christ’s sacrifice for us and through the faith He bestows in us. Exercising faith in the new life He gives us is the key to a victorious future in Him……


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