What Will be Your Epitaph?

Which epitaph will better describe your life? (Substitute she for he, as needed.)


He did the best he could with what he had …. [Subtitle: He was still a slave to sin.]

Or will it be

VICTORY IN JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Sung at the top of your lungs in His conquering parade!]


One’s all about you, the other is all about Him.

law vs grace;

being overcome by sin vs overcoming sin by Him;

bored existence vs exciting adventure;

your resources vs His resources;

your lack vs His overflow;

what you know vs Whom you know;

you have the ultimate responsibility to make life successful [you are God] vs the ultimate responsibility is His [He Is God!];

distracted by life vs contented gaze at Him;

my trying to compensate for life’s losses vs His restoring the years of the locust.


He is all. Will you let Him be your all, so that His VICTORY is assured?


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