Path of Life

Humanity’s path is common-it travels the wide road.

We choose to sin, but blame others.

We try to compensate for our short-comings, but cannot.

We fear being discovered.

We fear whether we’re good enough.

We fear death.

We fear judgment.

We may not like most people.

We’re defensive from being hurt too much.

We may easily hate, not realizing that we first hated ourselves.


All the time, we’ve been loved by God.

Jesus didn’t come to judge us. He came to save us.

Somehow, He helped us recognize His calling.

Saved, but not changed much. Still stuck in sin, fear, and hate.



We weren’t taught to know Him.

We weren’t taught to love ourselves, because He does.

We weren’t taught to stop fearing, because His perfect love casts out fear.

We weren’t taught that hate fell away in Him Who loves us forever.

We weren’t taught that we are new creations with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, so that we would see our sin fall away in The Three in One.

We weren’t taught what He is doing in us that overcomes all.


Our new paths share Him in love. Loving ourselves. Loving others. Even those who hate and persecute Him through us.

We have entered through the narrow gate, The Door, into the Presence of the One Who would and did do whatever it took for Him to be with us, His Beloved.


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