USA Election Day, 2016

Maybe not since Godzilla met Mothra,

or the Apollo Moon landing in 1969,

has a national TV event been so stunning.

Election 2016!


What did it teach us?

The total failure of

-political integrity, leadership, and respect.

-ideology to know truth.

-the American Dream to be the end-all.

-the church to witness a loving, overcoming God.


He has given His body another chance.

Though religious freedom will degrade more slowly, it will still degrade.

Persecution of His people will continue to increase.

Authority will continue to be undermined.

Debt will continue to accumulate.

Supreme Court decisions will continue to be ungodly, unless appointees believe and follow God.


The outer things cannot change in scale all that much, unless they’re founded in Him.

But, the inner things of the spirit must.

We must walk in Him, so that others are drawn to Him.

We must know what He is saying and doing in and through us.

We must not hide in churches.

We must seek out the hurt and broken.

Will you join Jesus Christ as He changes human hearts?


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