From us to Him:


Oh, Lord.

Thank You for my life, for giving me the opportunity to know You.

You are the reason for all of creation, and You wanted to share Yourself with me.

Thank You.


The Psalmist says, “Lord, where can I go from Your Presence? You are there.”

From the highest seat in the palace to the lowliest place I lie, You are with me.

I am never alone.

You Father, Son and Spirit draw me in and embrace me.


I never speak into empty air, for You are there.

Your approval and pride in me satisfy me.

Your applause, as I follow, heartens me.

You are ever before me and in me.


The Song says, “How Can I Say Thanks for the Things You Have Done for Me?”

My sounds are cheap, as I am

immersed in the depths of Your love.

My heartfelt Thanks is a pale word.


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