Witnessing 3: The Wheres and Hows

The wheres and hows of witnessing are limitless and unique to you.

They have little to do with canned witnessing programs.

They have everything to do with Him.


The wheres are wherever you are waiting with other waiting people.

Here are some of mine:

The auto repair shop’s waiting room

The coffee shop

The fitness center’s big hot tub

Any line in which you are queued up

A park bench



The hows are almost too easy. Here are some of the things that have happened with me:

“Would you like to sit down and talk?”

“Come and talk with me.”

“I saw you were limping. What happened? May I pray for you?” [The girl started crying and said, “I’ve been wanting someone to pray for me.”]

“I often ask people a question while they’re waiting. Would you like to hear it?”

Small talk can also open up opportunities. “How are the holidays for you? Have you had get-togethers with family?” Listen to what they say and respond as the Lord leads. It’s all about relationships. You may follow-up with the previous, afore-mentioned question.

As bold or unusual as these may sound, the Lord made them work. People have stopped what they’re doing and have sat down, cold-turkey. I’m amazed at Him.


Ask God to help you when you talk with someone. Relax. Smile. This isn’t about you, it’s always about Him. God the Father through Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit want to love the person to whom you’re speaking.

Introduce them to Jesus. You will likely find the Lord leading you to tell your story of how He loved you to Himself.

God wants to share with you the opportunity to talk with someone about Him. He will lead you in what to say and do.

You may be one of many Christians to witness Him to an individual.

Or, you may be the one to say, “Would you like a relationship with Him?”

“Yes, I would.”


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