Witnessing 4: The Glass of Water & Cup of Coffee

At coffee shops, a clear plastic glass of water and a cup of coffee or tea are commonly on the table.

The water illustrates that a baby’s life is pretty clear [not pure, i.e. there are dissolved minerals, etc.]. The coffee shows what our lives have become due to sinful things we have said and done.

Our water has become like the coffee – dark. We hate what and who we are, but we cannot escape ourselves.

So what can we do? We cannot cleanse our own waters.

If we could ask any human being who has ever lived to make us pure glasses of water, how could they help us?

The only possible response is, “Even if I could dilute my water with yours, it would be only a lighter tint, but I cannot make your water pure.”

What would it take for someone to make us pure glasses of water, to give us new lives? It would take another human being, Someone like us, but Who wasn’t similarly tinted. It would take Someone pure, without sin, Who has the power over life. It would have to be a Man Who was also the Son of God. It would take Jesus Christ.

This is what He did for us through His cross. He had every right to throw us away in disgust. But, instead He picked us up and never lets us down.


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