Don’t Miss the Direct Connect!

The men’s DVD study titled 33, The Series [33 represents Jesus’ years on earth] includes the Four Faces that husbands are to have and exercise for their wives. These four faces are King, Warrior, Lover, and Friend. The focal idea of the four faces is, “Be wise, so you know when to put on the right face at the right time.”

This methodology is what you’ve experienced in all your years at church in sermons and Bible studies.

“Be wise and you will do what you should!”

But, it doesn’t work.

Look at your own struggle with sin, the culture, and the statistics of marriage and addictive behaviors within the church.

This methodology that says, “You should [do this or that],” is impersonal and fails. “Stop it!” fails too.

“Are you saying our theologians, pastors, teachers, and writers who perpetuate these ideas are mistaken?”

Absolutely. And this way has been the way of the church for as long as we can remember.

They illustrate the external way, the external Jesus, the WWJD way.

Let’s be very clear.

Jesus isn’t somewhere else that you cannot see nor reach!

He is intimately in you.

Without knowing the 3 Rs of spirituality, Relationship, Relationship, Relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit, the church builds a faulty foundation that results in serious consequences.

So, whenever you hear a sermon or participate in a Bible study, it’s imperative that the preacher or teacher opens your eyes to God within you.

They should not tell you things that are only true about Him as if He is somewhere else apart from you.

The Great Lover has come to you, because He must be with His beloved.

You are to be connected to the One Who moved heaven and earth through a cross and a tomb to get to you that you might forever be together, to know and love each other.




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