After my wife’s death, the grief was very hard.

Of course, I was lonely for her.

However, it wasn’t until around six months, that I choked on its horror.

I finally understood the bone-grinding powder of loneliness.

Life stops.


I realized through this time that I did not really know Him to any degree that helped.

Years of parroting “it’s a personal relationship” was empty.


How did I get to know Him?

In my misery, I cried out to Him.

He loved me too much not to answer me and lift me up out of that terrible valley.


If you’ve received Him, He’s in you in the midst of your suffering.

He asks you to let Him open your eyes and heart to His Presence.

He holds you to Himself.

No one else loves you and reveals Himself to you as He can and does.


“Unless the LORD had been my help, my soul would have dwelt in silence.” Psalm 94:17

“… the Lord stood with me, and strengthened me;” 2 Timothy 4:17

“(6) God sets the solitary in families: He brings out those who are bound with chains,” Psalm 68:6b


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