At What Price Liberty?

On what price is liberty based?

Truth only.

For if men cannot freely hear, believe, and follow Truth – God Himself, liberty will never be experienced, nor kept.

It is liberty with responsibility to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It is not the irresponsibility of doing whatever you want that destroys others, country, and yourself.

Destruction is not a protected right.

The world-at-large and The United States of America in particular is facing a crisis.

The crisis is that most people do not know The Truth that only One can rescue them and the nation that they were given.

Many who should know better have conspired to destroy its very foundations by attempting to destroy a man and by kicking-out The Man.

Will you fight for liberty?

Not first physical fighting, which is the last stage, when all else has failed.

It might be argued that God gave us another chance in last year’s election.

Another chance to keep our liberty.

So, what will you do with your chance?

Will you complacently live or will you finally get to know The One Who is your life, Jesus Christ?

If you do not know Him as He wants, your life and liberty are destined to be tread on by the Devil and by men.

However, by being one with God, you will shine forth your personal liberty and the liberty of the great country He gave us.



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