Are You ‘Done’ With Church?

Many people are done with the church. “That’s it, I’m out!” is frustratingly called.

According to this article, 30 million have left the church with another 7 million on their heels.

Members don’t want to be told what to think, they want to know it themselves. Why do we believe such and so? What does it mean to know God? Do I know Him?

Unfortunately, the church leadership is acting like their congregations’ hired guns. “Look, you hired us to do this/your job, so please be quiet and respectful while we do it.” It’s also sounding increasingly like a political party: We know what’s best for you!

If the leadership does not know what He wants to say and do, it cannot lead. Instead it’s dictating an increasingly annoying message: We’ve always done it this way, no questions asked. Now let’s sing together, “Give me that old time [or new music & lights] religion, give me that old time religion, give me that old time religion, it’s good enough for me!”

It’s not good enough anymore.


People want reality, not theory. They want victory over sin, not defeat. They want to see the Lord work, not merely hearing that He will. They want passion for their Lord and for each other. They want to be able to talk with others about their most besetting issues. They want their days to count!

Instead they’re overlooked, ignored, and even used.

Do the religious authorities of the day have all the answers?

Apparently not, for

  • Christian marriage fares little better than the world’s.
  • addictive behaviors are running rampant. Freedom is so uncommon, it’s almost unknown.
  • the culture has been lost

Has it ever been the religious leaders of the day who have had the answers?

Hasn’t it always been Jesus?

Didn’t He embrace the common people and love them?

Didn’t He mean so much to them that they would willingly die for Him?


Give me Jesus.

Lift Him up with me.

Talk with me.

Live with me.



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