Depending on Him

Whatever temptation or challenge you face, you’ve habitually faced and handled it alone.

Apparently in your belief, God was not to be depended on, because it’s all on your shoulders. Right?

Your personal resistance has been proven futile, your track-record displays a pattern of perpetual failure.


Do you know that you can rely on Christ and His resistance?


Because He is in you and gives Himself to you to live together.

Since He is in you, you must ask yourself these questions, “Whose faith does He live by? Whose thoughts does He live by? Whose feelings, obedience, yieldedness, willingness, desires, ability, etc. does He live by?”

Of course, the answer is, “His Own.”

And He never sins or fails.

If your personal faith, obedience, etc. falls short, that is not a problem for Him, for God knew you could do nothing apart from Him (John 15:5).

But you need to remember this too, so that you will depend on Him.

You say, “Lord, I”m not believing You, that You will take care of me.”

He replies, “I Am always believing in Myself. Would you like to share My faith?”

You: “Is that what this is all about-relying on You, sharing with You?”

Him: “Absolutely. I Am always here in you, for us to live, love and overcome together. If you’re afraid, then let Me exchange your being fearful for Me being courageous. Your feelings are untrustworthy, but My feelings are your confidence. You will always triumph when you depend on Me being your life (Colossians 3:4). We are going to get through this together.”


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