Part 1: Everyone Actually Agrees on Standards, If They Think About It


The political divide in America’s social issues isn’t actually much of a divide, if people are asked more than partisan, sound-bite questions. You may not realize it, but experts design surveys with predetermined conclusions in mind. Such surveys yield illegitimate results predicated on lying, slanting, misleading, manipulating, omitting, and other word devices keenly known by the wordsmith political hacks. These ways are generally unknown to us normal :>) people who don’t obfuscate, confuse, and lie as a way of life or for a living.

Let’s use abortion as an example.

The obvious question from pro-lifers to pro-choicers is, “Are you in favor of killing babies?” “Absolutely not, you’re putting words in my mouth!” I’m certain you would proclaim from the rooftops. You don’t want to kill babies or anyone else, frankly. You agree that killing generally is wrong. You agree in principle that life for babies is not just good, but great. You are actually pro-life, in this context, because after all, you were once a baby yourself, and may have children of your own. They’re precious to you.

So what is the issue? Is it, “If it comes down to the baby or me, the baby dies.” As prospective mothers, you ladies don’t agree with this either. You’ll lay down your lives for your babies. Most women want a family, at some point in their lives. It’s the circumstances that complicate this for those who are pro-choice.

What are the complications? “I refuse to let government dictate to me what to do with my body!” pro-choice women loudly retort. But this isn’t limited to just you – and I’m not even talking about the obvious baby and the baby’s father. None of us, probably especially men, want someone dictating what we can or cannot do [“Them thar are fightin’ words!”]. We often say, “We’ll show them by doing the opposite out of spite, even if we agree with them.” We didn’t like it when our parents told us what to do, though that’s something parents must do to protect and train us as to right and wrong, and what benefits or hurts us and others. The funny quips along this line are the girl who says to her mother, “I’m tired of you telling me what to do, I’m getting out of here.” “What are you going to do?” the mother concernedly responds. “I’m going to get married!” No mutually supporting or submitting to each other there, we jokingly observe. [Plus on disagreements between spouses, who is tasked with being the leader/tie-breaker on making decisions?] Or how about the son who’s also wanting out: “What are you going to do, Son?” “I’m enlisting in the Marine Corps!” We laugh, because he’ll be ordered by everyone up the chain-of-command. He’s signed on to follow orders [submit] to defend the Constitution at the risk of his life. [“Greater love has no man than this, that a man lays down his life for his friends.” John 15:13]

So it’s not even being told what to do – that’s a part of life. Nor is it really about respect for authority either, for you know you’re supposed to respect your parents, bosses, and leaders. Even without the command, you agree:

“Honor your father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;” Ephesians 6:2

Even if you had horrible parents who hated and beat you, you wished you could have respected and honored them. Your heart longed to say, “My dad is better than your dad!” or “I love my father so much, and my mom is the best.” and get big hugs. If you have children someday, you want to be respected by them. To get it, you must also be able to give it, because even without knowing the principle, you recognize it:

“Do not be deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, he reaps.” Galatians 6:7

God made life this way, you cannot beat it. There are consequences to your actions.

You receive as you have given.

You recognize The Truth.



A lot is encapsulated in the above. “I want life to be good, but it’s not. I’m afraid and overwhelmed. And I’m acting in ways that hurt me and others. I’m dying here, but I want to live. How can I change? I’m still looking for something in life. What is it?”

You’re looking to be loved in a way you never felt you have been. Your parents did the best they knew how, but there were gaps in their love [and their parents, etc.] that left you hungering for their attention, affection, and affirmation. You have tried to satisfy that longing in all the wrong places.

Someone wants you to belong to them and to love you as you’ve desired. Let me introduce you to that one.

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