The Worldly Horror of ‘Legacy’


Leaving a legacy is an idea that has gained ground in the Christian world.

New church campus buildings named for a great one ….

Something on which to hang a name, no matter whether it’s a big or small thing.

“I LIVED!” trumpets through the megaphone.

It’s assumed to be godly, spiritual.

It’s not.


A new song has shown a light into the darkness of Legacy.

This is its chorus:

I don’t want to leave a legacy

I don’t care if they remember me.

Only Jesus

I’ve only got one life to live

I’ll  let every second point to Him

Only Jesus


Legacy is Old Testament Law.


Because The Law’s focus is on man and what he must, but cannot do.

Whenever the focus is on man, it’s not on only Jesus.

Jesus is pure, embodied Grace that makes The Law [and you] fade into shadow.


We hear Legacy’s contortion in a myriad of embarrassing ways.

“Don’t you know who I am?”

This is spoken down the nose in intimidation toward those who see that your hypocritical pants have slumped to your ankles.

“Don’t you know all the things I have done [for Him]?”

Spoken like a false, clanging cymbal, little-g god.

“They are from good stock.”

The subtitle is, “They’re my flesh, and I’m somebody.”


The biggest nobodies are those who think they’re somebodies.


Legacy is a devilishly fallen idea that’s never gotten over itself.

It is a horror, for it commands your attention.

And, if they have to behold you, you have gotten in the way of Jesus.


Listen to Casting Crown’s ‘Only Jesus’.







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