Fiddling While the Church Burns


We’re not serious.

“Pick a sermon/series/Bible Study, any one.” – just like take a card, any card.

It’s a game.

What do you want to study?

What would you like to study?

Let’s play Spin the Spiritual Bottle of Sermons or Bible Studies.

Let’s flip a coin, like casting lots.

How about these Bible studies? Theology II, Tiny NT Books, Christianity 101, 2nd Samuel, Biblical Soul Care, Dynamics of Family Life.

They’re just as good as anything else, I suppose, as long as it’s all just a game.

And when they’re done, we’ll pick some more.

It’s really unlimited … and undirected.

Isn’t there a spirit to follow?

Oh, yeah – The Holy Spirit.

But why bother Him?

Plus, He might get really serious with us, … and I don’t know that we want to do that ….


The church is one big Celebrate Recovery group, but nobody seems to ever escape any addiction.

Can’t you hear it?

“Hi, I’m Bill, and I’m a fornicator.

Hi Bill.

Born a fornicator, die a fornicator, but it’s okay cause I’ve admitted it.

… but am still enslaved to it.”


Maybe the church should explore if this assumption is Biblical.

Is sin enslavement God’s plan for you?

I hope I get a screaming, “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!” from you on that one.

Then do you think we should investigate why slavery to sin is the norm in the church?

Please don’t fuss that you’re not in Celebrate Recover, for 100% of us start there, whether we were ever honest enough to attend a meeting. Addictive behavior stats are off the charts in the church at large (including your own), and though the stats are staggering, the real number targets you between the eyes. Don’t be an Ananias and Sapphira and say it isn’t (or hasn’t been) so.

But if you’re no longer a slave (an extreme minority – know any?), why aren’t you teaching the rest of the church how freedom from sin in Christ is not only possible, but is real?

But why do that when we can just fiddle away the time and never progress until we tail between our legs die?

Wake up, church.

You have to deal with The Father.

And He’s going to examine you in the light of His Son, The Christ.

Think you better get rid of the games?


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